Space In Between

Nick Roberts – ‘Sculptures from the Drowned World’
Private View 6-9pm 27th February 2009

‘Sculptures from the Drowned World’ is the debut show in the capital for new art pioneers, Space In Between.

Space In Between have ambition - to identify and nurture groundbreaking artists and to introduce them to a bigger crowd, inspiring projects that explore the “space in between” artist and audience.

Hannah Hooks, Laura McFarlane and Ida Champion are a fresh triumvirate of ideas and enthusiasm who all work and move in the art world. They will, as Space In Between, charm and unsettle you with an exciting season of shows.

For this inaugural exhibition of new work by ready-to-break London artist Nick Roberts, SIB have built a new gallery in a converted factory in Hackney. UNIT 3 is the result of a labour of love and a creative journey spanning 5 years which with every new and varied project has seen a new design for spatial re-invention.
Working closely with the artist and a designer, the team have inserted a new and pristine exhibition space in to the shell of a crumbling exterior. Reflecting themes recurrent in Nick's work they have created a space combining the old and new, the pristine in the transitory.

“ I see sculpture as something that is able to make a monument of an idea, a feeling, and a moment... As something which is in direct contrast to the world of high speed information exchange and virtual realities in which we live”, says Nick.

His work is inscribed with a sense of cultural atavism - making both specific and emphatic references to nature. Combining synthetic and natural materials he makes objects which subtly hint toward modern textures, surface and design but which seem to have been wrought by some strange natural occurrence; exploring an age-old and enduring dialogue between man and nature, order and chaos.

For this debut it is only right that SIB are exhibiting work which is emblematic of change and of a new beginning. This promises to be the first of many shows and happenings in the creation of a new outlet for emerging talent.

For further information contact

Hannah 07879 426435
Ida 07951160202

Exhibition runs until 8th March 2009

UNIT 3 gallery
Open Saturday and Sunday 12-6.
19C Goulton Road, Hackney E5 8HA
And during the week by appointment only.
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